We are all social beings!

Life is about building connections and especially in a professional sense working with other people to mutual benefit. As the old BT advert used to say “It’s good to talk!”

Social media makes it easier to connect with others and with so many different platforms available for us to do this, we can choose the best format for us to do this.

My chosen social media platforms and URLs are here:






Writing for you

If you are interested in me writing an article for you, or for me working with you on a piece, then please get in touch via my Contact page.

I’ve previously had articles printed in the Run ABC North running magazine, Run Leeds website, Birmingham Evening Mail, Wolverhampton Express and Star, and Wolverhampton Chronicle newspapers, as well as given numerous interviews to local radio stations WCR – Wolverhampton Community Radio and  The Wolf 107.7FM in Wolverhampton relating to the Rugby League team I was Media Manager for at the time.

I am interested in hearing from organisations that want me to write articles relating to running and sports. A large number of my readers are fellow runners, and as a runner, I enjoy writing about experiences that the running community experience.  I am also interested in writing articles about society and the political landscape.

Contact Me

You can get in touch with me via email at rl @ richlord .co .uk (without the spaces). If you’d like to send me a message, please email me or use the Contact Form.

You can also get on touch with me via social media through Facebook,  Twitter or Instagram.