How much on a first pair of running shoes?‏

In a recent survey I asked some runners how much they spent on their first pair of running shoes/trainers.

  • 47% (15 people) spent £30 or less,
  • 34% (11 people) spent between £30 and £50
  • And only 19% (6 people) spent more than £50 – and 5 of those people had theirs fitted professionally with foot analysis.

When you first start running, you don’t need to have the latest gear and you don’t need to dress like Mo Farah because sorry to tell you this but you certainly won’t be running like him! You need something that you can be comfortable in and you probably have gear in already that you can use. A pair of comfy trainers, jogging bottoms and a t-shirt or sweat-top would be fine to start with.

Obviously if you are running in the dark, having something bright or high viz certainly makes sense, and you need to make sure you are safe and seen at all times. But the underlying factor that I believe in is that you are more likely to give something a go if you are feeling comfortable with it all. If you suggested to me 18 months ago that I would be running round the streets in lycra running tights (with shorts on top) and a bright yellow top several times a week, I would have thought you had gone bonkers. Instead, some would argue it has been me that has instead!

Whilst most folk in the survey have gone for cheaper options when starting out, a lot of folk eventually after getting used to going running more than once every ten years like to ‘upgrade’ to a shiny new pair of running shoes. I found it helped me develop my running style better by having some shoes that helped support my feet well and have them fitted to suit the shape of my feet and the style of my running pattern. Now all this is starting to get a little technical, and that’s when I would normally zone out myself as I don’t get it all. I just know it helps.

After you’ve been running a while, I would recommend getting some running shoes fitted professionally at a dedicated running shoe shop (not just any old mass sell ‘sports shop’ on the high street either).  It is definitely worth investing in the health of your feet by doing this, but for just starting out on shorter distances and getting used to starting to run, the survey says a lot of people do the same thing and opt for cheap and comfortable then upgrade when their initial interest in ‘trying running’ develops further.

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