Have you had an avoidable running injury / mishap and how could you have avoided it?

Have you had an avoidable running injury / mishap and how could you have avoided it?

I asked a question recently about how runners feel they could have avoided any running injury or mishap. Here are some of the responses.

  • Recurring issue with hip and right leg – don’t do core strength stuff and stretching
  • Problems with left knee – been given stretches to do. With an injury, you need to rest and get physio.
  • Hurt ligaments in foot due to knackered trainers – replace trainers
  • Fell at Nostell Priory, black ankle for a week – avoidable by looking ahead and not chatting to the person behind
  • Ran into a post, bruised rib and broke phone – Looking where you are going
  • Nose needed stitching back together – by listening to a marshall who said ‘careful it’s icy’
  • Tripped over a stone 22 miles into a marathon – picking feed up more on a downhill stretch
  • Fallen – been too tired when going for a run
  • Torn a calf muscle – could be avoided by not trying to do 5k every day for 50 days.
  • IT bands stick to quads and other muscles get massively over worked – could be avoided by not attempting to run for 24 hours
  • Running hard on sore shins develops into shin splints. Running hard on a sore achillies develops into tendom problems. Could be avoided if you feel a niggle, back off the pace and get some physio. All running injuries are preventable.
  • Needing to jump out of the way of a white van man on a narrow lane and triupped over a kerb – could be avoided by white van man not being a bad driver!
  • Felt a sharp pain – should’ve stopped but it’s easier to say it’s only a mile from home. 3 months on still getting over it.
  • Going over on ankle running – could be avoided by not staring at the bum in front!
  • Stubbed toes because legs were too heavy – could be avoided by wearing slippers, or not running so soon after long distances previous day.
  • All injuries can be avoided by spending more time in the pub and less running!

The theme that seems to be developing here is that most folk feel that if you feel something that isn’t quite right that rest and getting it looked at are two very good tips. This article isn’t medically proven, and isn’t declaring these as THE way to deal with it, it is a collection of thoughts and opinions of people who have suffered these events and what they think could have avoided or prevented the injury or mishap from occurring.

Stay safe, and rest up if you’re feeling it. Get it looked at, it’s worth looking after yourself.

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