Garmin Connect v Nike+ v Strava or another. What’s your preference for tracking runs & why?

Garmin Connect v Nike+ v Strava or another. What’s your preference for tracking runs & why?

Mapping your runs, tracking routes, keeping tabs of your times and looking at your performance afterwards is something that many runners like to do. I suppose it’s the inner geek seeping out for some, but for some it’s the development of the competitive side of us and looking to see how we can improve our performance.

There are many different ways of doing this, and there as ever is no right answer, but finding what works for you is what you should look for.

There are specialist GPS watches that you upload your runs to a computer afterwards and view your map, times, speeds, etc.. online at their website after. There are also mobile phone apps that many reckon work just as well and don’t rely on you spending lots of money on extra gadgetry. What a lot of folk do is start off with a mobile phone app and when they realise they will keep on running and get used to it, upgrade to a GPS watch with all the extra wizardry and training help that can come with them.  That is certainly what I did. I definitely wouldn’t recommend splashing out on a top of the range watch if you are going for your first run. See how you get on and whether you will continue before looking into the gadgetry side of things.

I recently did a small survey on what runners used for all this, and was surprised that quite a few use more than one format. I guess that as each site offers slightly different functionality they appeal to different folk in varying degrees.

  • Any Garmin use – 21
  • Any Strava use – 9
  • Any Nike use – 5
  • Others (Runkeeper, Endomondo, Mapmyrun, Runtastic, Adidas Micoach, TomTom) – 9

Garmin Connect was by far the highest polling answer, though 43% of Garmin users used it alongside a different product as well. There was a difference between those with specialist GPS watches and those with purely mobile phone app usage. I know a number of folk use their watch for tracking their runs, but like to have the app on their phone for looking at afterwards and keeping a check on their runs.

Below are links to each of the websites used as mentioned in the article. Try some out and see how you get on.

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