First run and your furthest run?

How far was your first run or run-walk? How far is your furthest run now?

40 replies from people answered these survey questions for #runrichrunblog – thank you if you are one of them. It is by sharing people’s experiences that we can learn more about this mad thing we do!

There was a wide range of distances people said for their first run and their furthest run. That is to be expected, but there were so massive numbers in there too which is encouraging for any runner, and especially for those who try and run but don’t call themselves a runner yet.

Headline figures – First run distances ranged between 1km and 5miles. Furthest distances ranged from 7miles up to 46miles.

Most folk

90% first run was 5k or less with a fair few opting for the run-walk-crawl-collapse method to start with.

78% have gone on to run a half marathon or further since their first purple faced, lung busting battle against the pull of the sofa. I bet a large number of those, if not all said that they would never run that far in their life after their first run.

43% of nutters have even gone on to run a FULL marathon or further too! I’m not sure on whether more would have said they wouldn’t have considered doing a marathon at the start, or whether more said they wouldn’t EVER do one every again!


Looking at all the results, it is astounding and absolutely mindblowing to see that of the 40 replies there was an average increase in mileage from the first run to the further run of 10.43 times as far! That is phenomenal!! So if your first run was 1 mile, the average from there is running 10.43 miles.

Any run is a great achievement, and it isn’t all about running far as we all have different battles, different physiques, and different tolerances and lifestyles competing for our time and energies. But for so many people to start to run, gain the enthusiasm for something so addictive, and to battle on to some massive distances – it really is very encouraging for new starters and people who are on the first steps to doing this thing we love doing/put up with doing/do to have more cake or beer/do to have more cake AND beer!
I always encourage people to make a point to tell other people of your achievements, because to me it isn’t blowing your own trumpet, it is showing how other people can also do it too.

When most folk start running, they just look to survive. This survey shows that you can do SOOOO much more over time. When most folk start running, they just look to survive. This survey shows that you can do SOOOO much more over time.

You should all be very proud of yourselves. Why not sit down and take a look to see how far you have come from your first run to now. Look at the PBs, look at the races you may have done, look at the laughs you have had on the way, look how much better you feel for having done it.

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