Did you walk at all on your first ever run?

Did you walk at all on your first ever run? Less than half, more than half, ran all the way?

When folk start running, some say they ‘can’t do it’, or ‘I’m going to have to walk all the way’, or they ‘don’t feel like a runner’ and all the wide range of feelings that go with doing something for the first time or getting started in something new.

They see runners that have been running some time, and don’t always associate these regular runners as having been where they are now – at a starting point.

The survey
Surprisingly two-thirds of folk who responded to a recent #runrichrunblog survey walked some of their first run. and over a third walked more than half way.

Just because you aren’t feeling like Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah on your first run, it doesn’t mean it won’t get easier. If you have a look round at all the runners you see out and about this summer, you will see a lot of fast people, a lot of average people and a lot of slow people. That’s life! But they all started off having to do a first run, them’s the rules!!

The numbers
Of the 33 replies I got, here are the results:

  • 36.4% walked more than half of their first run
  • 30.3% walked less than half
  • 33.3% ran all their first run – though some slowed their pace rather than walk

Slowing down or taking it a bit easier for a while is an alternative to walking – different people take different approaches. I’ve done both options many a time.


Keep moving - this dude said so! Keep moving – this dude said so!

If you need to walk, it ain’t a problem. We’ve all been in that position where we’ve needed it. BUT – if you want to succeed and develop, learning when to stop walking and start running again is important. Having a breather is one thing, quitting is another. Pushing yourself on is good as long as you do it safely and with consideration for your health.

Knowing that some of the fast runners were in the same boat not so long ago – well that is good comfort for now. So don’t feel bad if you need to walk, make sure you feel good when you start running again!

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